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  • VFG-5016 Shoes Needle Detector

VFG-5016 Shoes Needle Detector

Products Details

Dong Guan V finder electronic technology co., ltd is a professional needle detector, metal detector and related industry equipment manufacture.

We produce and customized various kinds of hand held needle detector, table needle detector. Conveyor belt needle detector. Conveyor belt metal detector and so on related Equipment. Mainly of our needle detector market are in Vietnam. Indonesia. Myanmar. Canada. USA. Spain and Mexico.

Especially in the Year of 2015. Vfinder series needle detector been recommend by Mexico Walmart as a audit equipment. It is a necessary equipment for all Walmart Textile. Garment. Shoes supplier.

Vfinder   Stream-line type needle detector mainly used for shoes industry .Especially for slipper. Sports shoes

It was mainly used for detect uppers,accessories,sport shoes,insoles,sole,arch and so in-stream line,support which contain magnetic metal impurities.

VFG-5016 Shoes Needle Detector

The detecting ability is more strong and detection is more reliable by adopting the auto-compensation high-precision,so that there is non-blind area in the detecting area.The loop strong magnetic design make the anti-jamming ability is stronger than before.

VFG-5016 Shoes Needle Detector

*The digital monitor,can show passing number,not qualified number and total number.



When the needle detector doesn’t detect the garments for some time,it will be stopped working by the auto energy-saving technology.


*Detecting the garments from X axis to Y axis by the use of LED broken needle position indicateor,to identify the position for the broken needle.


*The protective device against side running of conveyor belt,makes the conveyor belt not leave the normal track.


*Be equipped with intelligent starting device avoid pressing start switch frequently,so that prolong the life of machine.


*Making the operation more noemalized by the fail-safe of improper operation.


*Machine is inspected by professional detecting software,so that makes detection more stable and more reliable.

Details of specification
Pictures of productsVFG-5016 Shoes Needle Detector
Detecting methodMagnetic induction
Detecting width500mm
Detecting height160mm
Detecting abilityFe 1.5mm iron ball
Alarm methodBuzzer
Belt speed(Appr.)40m/min
Power supplyAC220V,50Hz or AC110V 60Hz
Rated output90W
OptionAlarm lamp,printer,administration authority


VFG-5016 Shoes Needle Detector