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  • VFGH-300 Hand Held Needle Detector

VFGH-300 Hand Held Needle Detector

Products Details

A handheld needle detector that uses the principle magnetic field can pinpoint the exact location and type of ferromagnetic metal impurities.

 It is also suitable to detect large needle detection devices. This handheld needle detector is able to accurately locate steel needles and ferrromagnetic metals within a narrow range. This prevents damage to both consumers and manufacturers.most garment factory, textile manufacture, childred clothing suppliers hold a hand held needle detector for quality inspection purpose 

Details of specification

Have high and low sensitivity one button adjustment function. Alarm by sound and light

■Takes of the best carton fiber electrostatic prevention material as the housing

■Easy operate and easy portable . High sensitivity

■Takes of the high quality inner digital chip. Good performance and durable use

■Can accurate indicate the broken needle locations

■can continuous work and no give out head and overload

■power less tan 6 v will alarm indicate need change battery


Detection method: Magnet induction

Detection ability High sensitivity FeΦ0.5mm-0.8mm Low sensitivity 0.9-1.2mm

Detection adjustment

Detection width 50mm

Detection hight 100mm--300mm

Alarm method light and sound

Power supply 6F22—9V

Pated output<5mA, <30mA


Net Weigh: 280G

Detecting Method: Magnetism induction

* Detecting Sensitivity: High – FeΦ0.5mm-0.8mm; Low – 0.9-1.2mm

* Sensing levels: High & Low

* Detecting Width: 50mm

* Detecting Height: 10-30mm

* Alarm Methods: Voice and Sound

* Power input: 6F22—9V Battery

* Power Consumption: Stand-by <5mA,Alarming <30mA

* Unit size: 190×52×42mm(L×W×H)

* Unit weight: 280 Grams