Hand Held Needle Detector

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  • VFGH-300 Hand Held Needle Detector

VFGH-300 Hand Held Needle Detector

Products Details

Have high and low sensitivity one button adjustment function. Alarm by sound and light

■Takes of the best carton fiber electrostatic prevention material as the housing

■Easy operate and easy portable . High sensitivity

■Takes of the high quality inner digital chip. Good performance and durable use

■Can accurate indicate the broken needle locations

■can continuous work and no give out head and overload

■power less tan 6 v will alarm indicate need change battery


Detection method: Magnet induction

Detection ability High sensitivity FeΦ0.5mm-0.8mm Low sensitivity 0.9-1.2mm

Detection adjustment

Detection width 50mm

Detection hight 100mm--300mm

Alarm method light and sound

Power supply 6F22—9V

Pated output<5mA, <30mA


Net Weigh: 280G