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  • Food detection tunnel metal detector head

Food detection tunnel metal detector head

Products Details

The metal detector head, 

which is the actual part of the machine that allows the product to pass through for inspection, is called the metal detector head. These can be used to add to an existing conveyor, or manually. Metal detectors detect tiny pieces of metal within a container or package. They are typically installed on a processing line or packaging to ensure that the products do not move unintentionally. The type and type of product determines which detector is needed.

*Self-frequency adjustment. You can choose from a range of operating frequencies depending on the product style.

*Automatic adjustment. Stable features.

*High sensitivity and self-learning. Can recognize different types of products.

*Can store and record about 100 product parameters.

*It is possible to adjust the belt height to achieve butt-joint with other equipment, depending on customer production line design.

Its good performance is maintained by the two digital collection lines.

It is simple to use thanks to the full digital touch screen.

* Special design for strong anti-interference function for harsh production environment.

* Superior performance and durability.

*Improve design, keep it Zero false alarm when you tap the probe.

Operators will find it simple to clean the equipment with the *succinctly removable framework design.

Details of specification

Principle benefits of a tunnel-metal detector

  • Tunnel detector with integrated evaluation electronics that can be installed on the conveyor belts in order to inspect the goods or protect the technologies.

  • All metal particles have been detected. These include both off-shell and inorganic particles.

  • Maximum accuracy and reliability in metal detection

  • Simple operation.

  • Minimum Dimensional requirements (reduction in the size of the metal object that can occur in)

  • It complies with the HACCP/IFSP, BRC, and SQF quality standards.

Machine specificationNormal machineCustomized width
(mm)Detection Width400400 customized
(mm)Detection Height100120150200250300350400
Detection SensitivityFe(Φmm)≥0.6≥0.8≥1.0≥1.2≥1.5≥2.0≥2.5≥3.0
 Alarm and rejector systemAlarm by sound and light.automatic control signal output
Machine structure      Full structure takes of stainless 304
 Machine weightAround 100KG if customized the weight will different
Voltage and power 110V-220V 50Hz  90W
Note :Normal size machine have stocks. Unnormal size machine have to customized