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  • Vfinder 5030C
  • Vfinder 5030C
  • Vfinder 5030C

Vfinder 5030C

Products Details


1. With equipment to save electricity

2. Famous brand spare parts:

(1). Spellman brand generator from the USA

(2). Hamamatsu brand detector from Japan

(3). Interroll brand Roller from German

3. Protective cover on lead curtain to avoid lead pollution

4. Sound and light alarm

5. Local network supported


● Original Hamamatsu detectors, image quality, Omron electrical components.Enhance the overall quality

● Global leading parameters: the inspection report issued by the Ministry of Public Security, shows that each parameter is ahead of other products, more details in the inspection report.

● Energy-saving design: The machine can sense objects automatically,if there is luggage on the machine will be operating, if there is no luggage,it'll be quiet. (Optional)

● A key shutdown control: simply rotate the key when clicking shutdown,safe shutdown automaticly ,reduce equipment failure.

● Environmental-friendly Design: lead shade with protective film, prevent lead from hand contact, avoid lead pollution.

● Dynamic screen switching: when it is stationary screen it can be switched and when it is dynamic it also can switch freely.

Product Certification

● Strict quality internal control , double-check principles of engineering and production

● Safeguard measures for machine parts

● Through the testing by Ministry of public security and police use electronic product quality testing center

● Through the EU CE certification

● Through the ISO9001 quality management system certification

● Through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification

● Through the GB/T28001 occupation health and safety management system certification

● Through thes provincial Environmental Protection Department of radiation safety certification

● Through the provincial occupation health inspection center detection of radiation

● Through the the people's Republic of China State Bureau of copyright of computer software copyright registration certificate

● Double soft certification


Customs, port, prosecutors, prisons, railway stations, courts and other security units.

Details of specification
X-ray Generator
Ray Beam directionBottom-illuminated
Tube current0.4~0.5mA(adjustable)
Tube voltage100-160 kV(adjustable)
Ray beam divergence angle60°
The cooling / work cycleSealed oil cooling / 100%
Image Processing System
X-ray sensorL-shaped photodiode array detector (C), 24bit depth
Monitorhigh resolution 19 inch LCD SamSung monitor
Color image display24-bit true color display
Edge Enhancementthe outline of objects will be more clear
Super Image Enhancementthe details of the image are more clear
High penetration displayimprove image contrast in bright areas, so the easy penetrating area will be more clear
Low penetration displayimprove image contrast in dark areas, so the difficult penetrating area will be more clear
Magnifierlocal amplification function
Brighten / darkenIncrease/ decrease image brightness
Image pull back / front pullShow the top 20 images, and the current image can be any image processing
Image RestorationRestored to its original state
Image StorageReal-time save any image, any image can be processed arbitrarily ,continuous work to save
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature / humidity0℃~45℃/20%~95% (No condensation)
Storage temperature / humidity-20℃~60℃/20%~95% (No condensation)
Operating Voltage220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz
Power consumption1.0KW(maximum)
Noise level<55dB (A)

Technical StandardsTechnical Parameters
The channel size500(W)×300(H)mm
Conveyor speed0.22m/s
Load20 kg
Resolution∮0.0787 mm
Penetration≥40 mm steel plate
MonitorSamsung 19in LCD Monitor
Storage500G hard drive to save any image in real time, can store more than 100,000 and can make any image processing, and continuous work to save.
Noise< 55dB(A)
Operating systemwindowsXP
Film SafetySafety to the ISO1600
Leaking radiation dose rateAway from any device outer surface of 5cm, the ray irradiation leak rate should be < 0.05µGy/H
Dimensions(L) 1750mm (W)750mm(H)1300mm
NW / GW290 kg / 360 kg