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Our products are mainly used in the coal mine and other industries processing coal as well as other materials such as iron ore and steel slag. The main features of our products are compact structure, simple operation, high performance and reliability. Our products are widely used in the coal mining industry, such as the standardization of the coal quality control system by the national standardization body and scientific research institutions; the standardization and implementation of China's first national green heat treatment plant; and domestic production and export of high-quality steel slag granules.

Inline inspection systems checkweighers

Inline inspection systems checkweighers are used to determine the accuracy of a machine. These machines are used in production industries and are also used in test cells to ensure that all components are functioning properly.

The inline inspection system checkweigher is the most common type of checkweigher on the market today. This type of checkweigher can accept any type of material in its feed hopper, including metal, plastic, or paper. The machine will also have a hopper for rejections so that materials can be separated from those that pass inspection.

There are many different types of inline inspection systems checkweigs available to choose from depending on your needs and budget. There are some models that have no rejections while others have as many as 50 separate rejections per day!