Rubber and Plastic Recycle metal detector

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Rubber and Plastic Recycle metal detector

Rubber and Plastic Recycle metal detector

PlasticRecyclingEquipment With the world shifting towards "green" living, 

plasticrecyclingequipment is more in demand than ever across many industries that work with the material for all types of applications. These products don't have to be thrown away. They can be shredded, melted, and repurposed in different products. Recyclingplasticis imperative in today's global climate, and Arlington PlasticsMachinery has the plasticrecyclingequipment needed to reduce any company's ecological footprint.

There are many types of plasticrecyclingequipment which reprocess plasticand make the material reusable for another product. These machines can be combined with shredders, granulators, pelletizing extrusion line and pelletizers to reduce larger pieces of plastic into smaller pieces, melt them, and then make a new product. Arlington PlasticsMachinery stocks all types of machinery, including liquid ring pelletizers, strand pelletizers and underwater pelletizers.

Metal contamination mixed into plastic recycling 

But during the recycing ,there have many risk especially when metal contamination mixed into it ,such as ferrous, non-ferrous,stainless steel , nails, staple and metallic obejects , How to separate these materials from the plastic and get clean plastic it is  important .

Now we developed many models of metal detector includes separator in conveyor and gravity shape that can inspection this particle and separator it by automatic rejection system 

Recycled Equipment

There are many benefits of use a metal detection system during you recycling .

 Recyclingplasticreduces costs and the wasteof raw materials. This directly impacts a company's bottomline. Recyclingmachinery is often more efficient and can result in higher productivity. Both of these factors influence the cost reduction. Recyclingmachinery's greatest benefit is the reduction of waste in landfills, and the negative effects on the environment. Recycling equipment can be used to recycle plastic products, making it easy to be more eco-conscious.