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metal detectors for ready meals food

ReadyTo Eat Food MetalDetector 

A wide range of standard aperture sizes areavailable,suitable forreadyto eat food products application the machines are customized as per product application requirement. There are many models available to suit different products. Combine with IP 65 grade control panel forcomplete protectionagainstdust and moisture.

Metal detection is essential in many industries like food processing, or pharmaceuticals. DongGuan Viking technology co;ltd  have designed many conveyor systems that include metal detection. These systems allow multiple ways to reject products.

The equipment detects and removes non-ferrous, ferrous and stainless metals within the process flow. Additionally, the units detect metal in each particle.

Your organization's reputation and money will be saved by the successful detection and separation metal particles. Call us now to talk to an application engineer and get started on your metal detector conveyor design!

There is a large demand for ready-to-eat meals in Germany. Each year, around 45 kg of frozen foods are consumed by each person. In such a high-turnover marketplace, there can't be any product inspection errors. A food recall is necessary if foreign bodies are found in ready-to-eat foods. Every year, there are approximately 2,500 food recalls across the EU. Our innovative inspection solutions can help you protect yourself from this risk.