food metal detector for Nuts, Dried Fruit

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food metal detector for Nuts, Dried Fruit

Metal detector for nuts and dried fruit processing 

wide use of metal detector in dried fruit 

vikingdetector provides combination metal detector and checkweigher for nut equipment for a variety of nuts, dried fruit, and trail mix applications. All sizes of packaging are available, even bulk boxes. metal detector and checkweigher can be used with any premade bag, tray or cup, tub, jar and bowl lines, as well as VFFS/HFFS for different packaging styles. There are a variety of discharge options available: single, twin, and multiple-point.

Food inspection is an integral part of any manufacturing process. Some existing detection solutions will need to be redesigned in order for them to be integrated into current production. This complete system includes high-sensitivity detection combined with food-safe conveyancing and automatic reject. It can easily be integrated into most existing facilities.

Washdown models are easy to clean and maintain production sanitation standards. For delicate products such as whole cashews or shelled walnuts, fragile handling features can be used.

Dried fruits and nuts safety metal detector

The metal detector for nuts and dried fruit processing is a device that detects the presence of metal fragments in products. The metal detector is used to ensure that food products are safe for consumption. It can be used in places where nuts and dried fruits are processed.

viking's blending program allows for complete metal detection control over individual components and total package weight.

vikingdetector metal detector and checweigher can use :

Dehydrated fruit

Freeze-dried fruits

Shelled nuts

Unshelled nuts

Mixed nuts

Nut flours




Sunflower seeds



Dried mango

Dried beans