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Conveyor Metal Detector

China best conveyor metal detectors manufacturers

Dongguan Viking is experienced metal detector manufacturer, in China we experienced metal detector manufacturer in China with a long history of excellence. Our metal detectors are used to detect any type of metal contamination, including stainless steel, copper, lead and zinc.

Application of conveyor metal detector 

Our conveyor metal detectors are used in many industries including construction, food production and distribution, chemical processing and water treatment. They are also a great choice for heavy machinery maintenance and repair.

If you need a conveyor belt metal detector for your business, please contact us today!

Benefit of conveyor metal detector 

conveyor metal detectors are the best choice for you if you want to get the best results from your conveyor belt metal detector.

With conveyor metal detectors, you don't have to worry about contamination or false alarms. You can leave them in your factory and let them do all the work for you!

The best thing is that conveyor metal detectors are made in China, which means they can be shipped anywhere in the world quickly and easily. With this being said, 

it's important that you choose a reliable manufacturer when buying an conveyor metal detector so that you don't have any problems with it later on down the road.

conveyor or conveyor belt metal detector 

conveyor metal detectors, also known as conveyor detectors or conveyor belt metal detector, are used to detect the presence of non-ferrous metals in a variety of applications. These systems are typically used for quality control purposes, but can also be used to detect contaminants such as those found in food and beverages.

We offer a wide range of conveyor metal detectors, including:

Stainless steel conveyor metal detectors

Conveyor belt metal detector

conveyor metal detection machines