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metal detector and checkweigher for meat food product

Combo metal detector and check weigher for meat processing 

The Combo Metal Detector and Check Weigher for Meat Processing is a great tool for the meat processing industry. The combi weigher offers you the ability to check your product weight with ease and accuracy, while at the same time detecting any metal objects in the meat that could cause contamination issues.

This particular combi weigher has been designed with a stainless steel frame and ABS plastic parts, which means it is both durable and long lasting. It also comes with an adjustable stand so that you can place it conveniently wherever it needs to be placed on your production line.

Metal detectors and check weighers

Metal detectors and check weighers are used to identify and check for metal objects in meat. The metal detector is a device that emits high-frequency sound waves that are reflected off of the surface of an object. The check weigher then detects the reflected sound waves and compares them to a set threshold value. If there is more than the threshold value, then the object is considered to be metal.The vikingdetector metal dettector and check weigher can detection and weigh meat, including large pieces, diced, shredded, and large bulk products.

Combination weighers and detectors  are also available in high-speed versions. 

They can be used with VFFS, HPFS or multiple-point discharge packaging machines like tray, cup, and thermoform machines to create different package sizes and styles. Hygienic washdown weights will help you to maintain the sanitation standards required in the food industry.

When paired with a combination scale, the vikingdetector combined metal detector and weigher  is an ideal solution for filling trays and single-serve snack trays with meat-snack products.

vikingdetector metal detector combo can weight:


Shredded meats

Diced meats

Cubed meats

Beef sticks



Conveyor metal detector for meat processing 

The conveyor metal detector is a simple and effective tool for detecting the presence of metal in meat. The device also has several other applications, including detecting the presence of magnetic materials, such as iron or steel. 

The conveyor metal detector can be used in a variety of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology research.

Meat processing is a complex process. There are many moving parts, and it can be difficult to keep track of what's going on in the meat industry. Whether you're a new meat processor or a veteran of the business, we've got you covered.

Our conveyor metal detector helps you monitor your meat products while they're being processed. It has been designed to prevent contamination and ensure that your product is as clean as possible.

Metal detector is a device used to detect the presence of objects on conveyor belts. Metal detectors are used in several industries, including food processing, mining, and manufacturing. 

Metal detectors are also used for security purposes in airports, malls, and other public places.

A metal detector is a machine that continuously monitors the area near or underneath it. The machine uses electromagnetic waves to detect any metal objects in its range. 

Metal detectors are commonly used in factories and warehouses to find items that might be dangerous or valuable. They are also used by soldiers during war time to find enemy soldiers. It is also used by police officers to find illegal weapons on suspects while they are being arrested; this helps them prevent any accidental shootings from happening while they're trying to take someone into custody!

Dynamic checkweigher for meat processing industrial 

In motion checkweigher for meat processing

The in motion checkweigher is an industrial solution for handling different types of products. It can handle a variety of shapes, sizes and weights with ease. The machine is driven by an electric motor and it has a front loading design which allows easy access of the product. This model is ideal for any kind of processing industry that uses different types of materials and shapes.

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