Pharmaceutical Industry metal detector

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Pharmaceutical Industry metal detector

Pharmaceutical Industry metal detector

The viking Pharmaceutical Metal Detector is no longer available for tablets or capsules. 

Superior quality control industry-leading level* High Sensitivity Inspection Head and Signal Processing specialized in the inspection of pharmaceutical items significantly reduce product effect and provide high sensitivity detection.

Metal detection plays a critical role in many industries,

 including food processor or pharmacy. DongGuan Viking technology co;ltd  designed numerous conveyor systems with metal detection. This allows multiple ways of rejecting products.

The metal detection equipment can detect and remove ferrous, semi-ferrous, or stainless metals present in the process flow. The units can also locate metal within individual particles.

The detection and separation of metal particles is a great way to protect your processing equipment. This can help save money, reputation, and downtime. Get in touch with us to discuss your metal detector conveyor systems design.