Tunnel metal detectors

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Tunnel metal detectors

Viking tunnel metal detector

 Tunnel detectors are digitally-enabled and can be used to inspect bulk materials, individual packaged products on conveyors, material slides, or vibratory conveyors. 

They can detect any magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants (steel or stainless steel, etc.) even if they may be present in the product. A signal is sent to either the process controller or activated the reject unit if metal is detected.

Tunnel Metal detector are robust in design and can withstand interference.

 Tunnel metal detector highly reliable mechanically as well as operationally, especially in harsh environments. The tunnel metal detector can be used in many different areas. It can be used for everything from basic detection to extremely precise, high-resolution applications. The head of tunnel metal detector major advantage is its ability to be integrated into existing belt conveyors. There is no need to remove the belt. Top and bottom components are easily assembled around the belt. For optimal customization, there are over 200 sizes of tunnel available. For optimal customisation, there are over 200 metal detector standard sizes available.

tunnel metal detector Typical applications 

 Plastics industry 

 Chemical industry 

 Textile industry 

Wood industry 

 Recycling industry 

Mining, stones, quarrying