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Wood Industry metal detector

metal detector for wood industry 

Metal detector for wood working 

The best woodworking metal detector is what you are looking for. This product comes in a variety of prices. We will be presenting a list affordable, but highly effective, metal detectors that can be used to detect wood. Metal detectors are very useful tools for finding old nails and coils in wood or walls. You can easily locate them and remove them so that you reduce the risk of injury while working.

You should always find the appropriate tramp metal if you are going to work with any kind of lumber. Otherwise, it could cause irreparable damage to your tools or even an accident. This can not only cause damage to your device but could also result in injury to yourself. It is important to remove any old metals or coils from the wood so that the tool can work smoothly without being damaged.

Handheld metal detectors for wood 

There are three types handheld metal detectors. For security purposes, the first type is used at airports. These are not intended to detect nails, but work well with knives and guns.

The second is pinpointers. These can be used in conjunction with a standard metal detector to locate metal in the ground. They are lightweight and easy to carry. However, their depth range is limited.

The V006  is a popular choice for woodworkers. It can be used with flat boards. They cannot detect metal below the bark. They are not suitable for logs.

This hand-held metal detector can locate metal objects in wood! This 9-volt metal detector is also suitable for security personnel who need to scan for metal. It features an audio alarm, LED visual alert, low battery alert, and 50% sensitivity reduction. This hand-held metal detector is supplied with a convenient carrying case.

  • Metal embedded in wood?

  • Also can be used to scan for security issues

  • 6 in. For one-pass coverage, use the wand

  • Audio alarm and visual LED alert

  • Button to reduce sensitivity by 50%

  • Standard earphone jack (earphones not included).

  • Low battery alert

  • Storage case

Metal detector for wood application 

For boards, chipboard, chipboard, osb, plywood, logs, bolts, logs, trunks, pellets, planings, sawdust, shavings, chips or grindings.

Industrial sensor metal detector for wood 

The best metal detectors are available for logs. 

They can detect any nails, screws, steel, or iron that may be hidden in trees.

For certain reasons, nails or screws are pierced into trees to make them appear deeper. 

However, the tree is not visible enough to be used as a metal detector for logs.

It's common for the saw to strike nails. If this happens, it will cost about 30 dollars to fix it. 

In the worst case, it could cost you 100 dollars. A metal detector is your best option.

Not all metal detectors are capable of detecting metals in logs. 

This includes viking tunnel metal detector that special design for wood and quick fast detection