Textile Industry needle metal detector

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Textile Industry needle metal detector

Garment and textile needle metal detector 

Essential needle metal detector 

This garment and textile needle metal detector is an essential tool for any sewing room. It can be used to scan for metal objects as small as a half-penny, which are commonly found in clothing and textiles.

Easy operation needle metal detector 

The detector is easy to use and can be set up quickly. It has a large LCD screen that displays the results of the scan and other information such as the number of items scanned or how long ago they were scanned.

It comes with a carry case that makes it easy to transport between jobs and stores. The detector itself weighs only 1 pound and measures 9 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches tall; it’s small enough to fit into most sewing rooms or work areas without taking up too much space on shelves or counters!

The Uxcell garment and textile needle metal detector is perfect for any shop looking for a cost-effective way to protect 

their products from potential damage caused by tiny metal objects like needles from stray threads or pins from loose buttons during production runs (or even just

The important role of needle metal detector in textile industry

It's well-known that metal detectors can be used for security at airports, stations, shopping centres, etc.,

 but they also serve an important purpose in the food and medical industries, as well as the mining and apparel industries. 

These industries use metal detectors to inspect for metal traces during quality control.

Especially in textile,garment,clothing,dress,toys,and related industries.