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  • NF-3003L
  • NF-3003L
  • NF-3003L
  • NF-3003L
  • NF-3003L


Products Details

   This product is a detection of accurate metal detector, can detect metal parts ofdifferent sizes within a certain range, widely used in electronic detection inspection inthe airports, stations, terminals; customs, public security, border defense, securitydepartments; quality inspection of medicine and food commercial system; safetyinspection of important places 

and sports ground; precious metal inspection, such asgold and silver jewelry factory.

Details of specification


charging specifications: DC 5V 1A Type-c USB

working frequency: 25kHz

working temperature: -20C~50C

detection range: pin: 2~3cm

razor blade:5-10cm

20mm steel ball: 8~10cm

type 64 pistol: 10-15cm

LED indicate: green: power on

red: the target is detected

alerting signal: sound / vibration

net weight: 500g

product size: 41cmX8.2cmX4.1cm

battery: 5V 1800mAh