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Metal detectors for food processing 

Metal detectors for food processing are used most often in the field of quality control. These systems are used to detect and identify metal objects, especially in the food industry. Metal detectors are also used in many other industries, including mining, construction, and shipbuilding.

Raw materials inspection metal detectors 

In the food industry, metal detectors are useful for inspecting raw materials and finished products for potential contamination from metal contaminants. A metal detector can help ensure that your products are free from harmful levels of lead or other metals that could cause health problems for consumers.

Metal detectors can be used to test a wide variety of different types of foods, including fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables; packaged foods such as nuts and grains; and frozen foods such as meats or seafoods.

Details of specification

Food safety metal detector 

Metal detectors are a great way to ensure that your food processing is as safe as it can be. Metal detectors are used in hospitals, schools and factories, but they can also be used for quality control in the food industry. Metal detectors have been around for decades and have been proven time and time again to be effective at preventing accidental ingestion of metals such as lead.

The most common types of metal detectors are magnetic flux induction (MFI) detectors and x-ray detection systems. MFI detectors use magnets to detect metal objects in the air or on surfaces. X-ray detection systems use x-rays to detect metal objects in the air or on surfaces. Both of these types of metal detector systems work by sending electromagnetic waves through an area or object being inspected. If there is an object present, these waves will reflect back off of it and then cause a change in frequency which can be detected by a sensor located elsewhere on the system.

Metal detection system in food product 

Metal detection systems are a great way to ensure that the metal content in your food products meets or exceeds industry standards. Metal detectors can be used to detect all metals, including nickel and lead, as well as gold or silver. They're also very useful in detecting foil packaging, which is often coated with lead and other metals.

The cost of using a metal detector depends on several factors, including the size of your facility and how many employees you have working there. You should also consider whether or not you want to use an automatic system that requires no human interaction.