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Checkweigher FAQ

Sep. 07, 2022

checkweigher FAQ 

in-motion checkweigher and static checkweigher difference

A checkweigher can weigh an item while in motion and then reject a product that is out of spec. 

Checkweighers must obtain accurate weighments in fractions of a second. 

However, technology has improved significantly over the last decade such 

that in motion weighing is almost as accurate is static weighing.

The necessary of a manufacture use checkweigher

Checkweighers help maintain product consistency by monitoring weight. 

They offer 100% product sampling and can alert management to potential issues

 with under- or over-filled containers.

 Checkweighers are reliable and can have a payback period of less than 12 months.

The Benefit of checkweigher to manufactures 

Checkweighers typically have a payback period of less than 12 months.

Companies that use them can save tens of thousands of dollars a year by being able to

identify and adjust for overfill conditions.The payback is the benefit that checkweigher brings to manufactures

The Affects checkweigher accuracy

The checkweigher is affected by temperature changes,

floor vibrations from nearby machines, air currents, dust falling on the scale,

product accumulation, static buildup from moving product,

and electrical noise from other electronic devices in the vicinity.

The Type of products cause the most issues for checkweighers

Products which can shake or vibrate often cause problems,

especially if they have a liquid inside. This is because

the liquid makes the product's center of gravity high,

causing it to wobble and making it harder to get an accurate weight.

Checkweigher FAQ