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How accurate is the mass measurement on food packaging?

Jan. 30, 2023

Checkweigher tolerance on food packaging

The mass measurement on food packaging is generally accurate to within 1% of the stated weight. This is especially true if the packaging is made of a material that can be easily weighed, such as plastic or cardboard. However, if the packaging is made of a material that is not easily weighed, such as metal or wood, then the accuracy depends on how much effort has been put into calibrating the checkweigher machine.

checkweigher ensure package weight accurate 

The checkweigher is used to ensure that every package contains exactly the same amount of product as it states on its label. The checkweigher measures the mass of each individual package before it leaves the assembly line, so it can compare this value with what is written on the label. If either value differs from what was expected by more than 1%, then corrective action must be taken immediately so that no customers are misled by incorrect information being displayed on their product's packaging.

checkweigher accuracy

The accuracy of a checkweigher is determined by the type of measurement system it uses. A linear weight scale can provide an accuracy of 0.1% for most products, while a dynamic force sensor can provide an accuracy of 0.01%. In both cases, this value is only achieved when the sensor or scale has been calibrated.

The accuracy of a checkweigher machine depends on how it measures mass. A checkweigher's overall accuracy can be as low as plus or minus 10% if its measurements are not precise enough to determine whether something should be discarded or not.

The accuracy of a checkweigher is one of the most important aspects of a food packaging operation. Checkweighers are used to weigh incoming and outgoing products and ensure that they are being packaged properly, but they can't be accurate if they're not calibrated regularly.

Checkweighers are calibrated during their initial installation and when they're moved from one location to another, but sometimes the calibration needs to be checked on a more regular basis, depending on how often the machine is used. If you find that your checkweigher isn't giving you accurate readings, it's probably time to have it checked again.