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Airport security and industrial metal detectors for sale

If you're looking for an airport security and industrial metal detectors for sale, DongGuan Vikinghas what you need.

We have

hand held metal detectors 

walk through metal detectors, 

airport metal detectors, 

food metal detectors, 

conveyor metal detectors 

 tunnel metal detectors 

available to purchase at any time. 

We also offer a variety of industrial metal detector options including belt scanners, X-ray machines and more.

Airport security and industrial metal detectors are a great way to keep your business safe. Whether it's an airport, a school, or your own workplace, we can help you find the right equipment for any situation.

Our walk-through metal detectors are ideal for areas where people may be walking through at any time. They use low-frequency audio signals that are not audible to humans but are easily detected by metal objects. The signals are then transmitted through the body of the detector and into its display screen, allowing you to see if any person or object is passing through without having to open the door or step outside yourself.

Our hand held metal detectors are also small enough to be carried around with you on site, making them easy to use anywhere in an office space or other area where security needs to be high. These models can also be used in schools and other educational establishments where children may come and go during the day while teachers supervise them from afar.

If you need additional security beyond this level, our airport metal detectors will allow you to search airports both before and after flights take off or land safely at their destination gates—making sure no unauthorized characters enter while they're still inside one of these terminals! These devices work by detecting