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  • GC-1001 Hand Held Metal Detector
  • GC-1001 Hand Held Metal Detector
  • GC-1001 Hand Held Metal Detector
  • GC-1001 Hand Held Metal Detector
  • GC-1001 Hand Held Metal Detector

GC-1001 Hand Held Metal Detector

Products Details

 Introducing the GC-1001 Hand-Held Metal Detector: Elevate Security with Precision

Unleash the power of efficient and portable security with the GC-1001 Hand-Held Metal Detector. Tailored for seamless and thorough metal detection, this compact device is your go-to solution for enhancing security measures.

**Key Features:**

1. **User-Friendly Design:**

   - Streamlined and compact, the GC-1001 is designed for ease of use, eliminating the need for complex adjustments.

2. **Swift Metal Detection:**

   - Experience rapid response times when detecting metals, ensuring a prompt and effective security screening process.

3. **Simultaneous Sound and Light Alarms:**

   - The GC-1001 provides dual alerts through both sound and light, ensuring that potential threats are immediately identified.

4. **Frequency-Optimized Alerts:**

   - Emitting a clear low-frequency sound for small metal detection and a distinct high-frequency sound for larger metals, the GC-1001 tailors its alerts for optimal responsiveness.

5. **Versatile Security Applications:**

   - Ideal for a variety of security applications, including public events, venues, schools, and more, the GC-1001 is a versatile solution for enhancing safety.

**Why Choose the GC-1001?**

- **Portability:** Compact and lightweight, it's easy to carry and operate, making it an ideal choice for security personnel on the move.

- **Efficiency:** With its quick reaction times and reliable metal detection capabilities, the GC-1001 ensures a swift and efficient screening process.

- **Reliability:** Backed by advanced technology, this hand-held metal detector is designed to provide consistent and dependable security outcomes.

Elevate your security standards with the GC-1001 Hand-Held Metal Detector, a compact yet powerful solution for precise and effective metal detection. Ensure a safer environment for your venue, event, or establishment with this advanced security tool.

Details of specification

Enhanced Features of the Hand-Held Metal Detector

1. **User-Friendly Operation:**

   - Effortless and convenient operation ensures ease of use for various security applications.

2. **Anti-Smooth Design for Manual Handling:**

   - The manual part features an anti-smooth design, providing a secure grip for effective handling during operation.

3. **Dual-Sided Alarming with Visual Alert:**

   - Both sides of the detector trigger alarms accompanied by flashing red lights upon detecting metal articles, ensuring comprehensive security screening.

4. **Low Battery Consumption:**

   - Minimal battery waste, with consumption below 1mA during operation and zero waste when not in use, maximizing battery efficiency.

5. **Super-High Accuracy and Sensitivity:**

   - Exceptional accuracy and sensitivity enable the detection of extremely small metals, reaching up to 0.1g for thorough security screening.

6. **Power Source and Battery Health Inspection:**

   - The system is equipped to inspect power source integrity and detect battery failure or insufficient power, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.

7. **Variable Alarm Sounds and Earphone Compatibility:**

   - Alarm signals vary according to detected metals, enhancing user awareness. The device can be connected to an earphone for discreet screening in harmonious surroundings.

Product Parameters:**

1. **Dimension:** 410mm*85mm

2. **Power Source:** Standard 9V overlapping battery

3. **Alarm Mode:** Sound-light alarm simultaneously

4. **Weight:** 500g

Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision with our Hand-Held Metal Detector, offering a range of advanced features for enhanced security screening. From user-friendly operation to variable alarm signals, this detector ensures thorough and reliable metal detection in diverse environments.