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  • TXR-2480Pi


Products Details

"Introducing our state-of-the-art X-ray Inspection System, a cutting-edge solution harnessing the unparalleled penetrating power of X-rays to ensure the highest standards in contamination detection. This advanced system offers a comprehensive range of contaminant inspections, covering metallic and non-metallic elements such as glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, and hard plastic.

Our X-ray Inspection System goes beyond traditional limits, providing thorough inspections for metallic and non-metallic packaging as well as canned products. Unlike conventional methods, the effectiveness of our inspection remains unaffected by external factors such as temperature, humidity, salt content, and more.

Experience peace of mind as our X-ray Inspection System sets new benchmarks in product integrity, ensuring the safety and quality of your offerings. Trust in cutting-edge technology that goes the extra mile to deliver precise and reliable contaminant detection, safeguarding your brand's reputation in the competitive market."

Details of specification

Product Features

Simple to Disassemble, Easy to Clean, and Reliable Security

●Good environment adaptability

●Equipped with industrial air conditioner

●Completely sealed structure to avoid dust

●Environmental humidity can reach 90%

●Environmental temperature can reach -10 to 40°C


Excellent Product Applicability

●up to eight grade image processing technology to achieve the best product adaptability and stability


Shielding Function

●cans shielding

●Desiccant shielding

●Boundary shielding

●sausage aluminum buckle shielding


High Configuration of Hardware

●Spare parts are well-known imported brands to ensure the performance and service life of the machine


Defects Inspection Function

●The system will detect and inform tablet crack, tablet lacking and tablet with contamination


Excellent Operability

●15-inch touch screen display, easy to operate ,

●Auto-learning function. Equipment will automatically remember qualified product parameters

●Automatically save the product images , which is convenient for user's analysis and tracking


Comprehensive and Reliable Security

●X-ray leakage meets FDA and CE Standards

●perfect safe operation. monitoring to prevent the leakage from mis-operation.


X-ray lnspection System for Sauce and Liquid

Easy to be integrated in existing sealed pipe system, this type of X-ray inspection system is suitable for the pump pressure fluid and semi-fluid product like sauce, liquid, etc.


Product Specifications



X-ray Generator

MAX. 80KV. 150W

Pipe Diameter

50mm, 63mm, 80mm

Best Inspection Sensitivity

stainless steel   ball Φ0.4mm

stainless steel   wire Φ0.2*2mm

Glass/ceramic   ball Φ1.5mm


windows 7

X-ray Leakage

< 1usv/h (CE Standard)

IP Rate

IP66 (For tunnel)

Working Environment

Temperature:  -10 to 40°c

Humidity:  0 to 90% no dew

Cooling Method

Industrial air conditioning

Air Pressure


Power Supply


Main Material


Surface Treatment

Mirror polished/sand blasted


The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by inspecting only the test sample on the belt. The actual sensitivity would be affected according to the products being inspected

Product Configuration