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Vegetable and fruit quality control metal detector machine

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Quality control metal detector for vegetable and fruit 

When it comes to buying in a supermarket, a fruit& vegetablestore or in a market, they tend to recognize certain characteristics of the fruitsandvegetablesthey consume: the touch, the size, the consistency and,of course, the flavor. To make this experience consistent, all fruitsandvegetablesgo through a qualitycontrol that allows to test that what the consumer is expecting will be effectively fulfilled. What is qualitycontrol?

It is an exploration carried out at different levels andscales to fruitsandvegetablesto determine if they adequately comply with the expected characteristics to reach a final consumer.

What are the key factors in quality control?

External characteristics

1. Firmness

This allows you to tell the degree of ripeness by using a penetrometer taken from the fruit in the field.

2. Color

This is one of the most important attributes, as it gives the customer the impression that the product is in good shape. This measurement can be done visually or instrumentally. In this case, you may use a color chart to indicate the condition of the product or a colorimeter to perform it.


It refers to everything that affects the physical shape of the fruit or vegetable. This measurement is made using instruments such as tape measures, sizing machines, and scales.

4. Smell

The fruit's aroma is a key factor, especially in citrus fruits. The fruit's aroma is due to the presence of aromatic substances in both its skin and pulp. It is possible to measure this smell using technology, such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

5 metal-free safety, it request the vegetable or fruit have no metal impurity mixed inside , How do to this ?

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Internal characteristics

1. Soluble solids

This measurement is done with a refractometer. It allows you to determine the sugar content of a sample. This number not only allows you to determine the sugar content, but also the maturity of the fruit and the best time to harvest it.

2. Acidity

It is made by combining the juice of the fruit with a pH electrode. It allows you to determine the acidity of the product. This also helps to identify the possibility of the proliferation of microbes.

Qualitycontrol begins with the harvest and ends at the supermarkets. However, a large part of the process takes place in the production. Here, the producers make sure that the product's maturation and physiognomy is suitable so that it can be purchased and eaten by the end consumer.

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Good quality control ensures that the products arrive fresh and with good flavor to homes. This helps to avoid wasting dozens of dollars!

Details of specification

Vegetable and fruit quality control metal detector machine

This machine is designed to detect metals in the vegetables and fruits. It is suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts and other food products. It can be used to detect the presence of metals such as nickel, copper, lead, iron and so on in foods. The machine is composed of a stainless steel body with high-grade plastic cabinet; it has a wide detection area and good stability during operation. It can be widely used in many fields such as food processing industry and medical research institutions, etc

metal content detection in the vegetables and fruits

The vegetable and fruit quality control metal detector machine can detect the metal content in the vegetables and fruits, which can be used for the quality control of vegetables and fruit. The main feature of this machine is that it can detect the metal content in vegetables and fruits with high accuracy, high precision, good stability, etc., and it can also be used as a detection device for other food materials.

The vegetable and fruit quality control metal detector machine has a small size and light weight, so it is easy to carry. It can accurately determine the amount of metal content in vegetables and fruits with high precision. It has a large voltage range, which makes it suitable for long-distance transportation or storage.