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VA360 Handheld Metal Detector

Products Details

  Compact metal detection devices

The VA360 handheld metal detector is our company's newly developed ultra-high sensitivity handheld metal detector, designed as a high-performance security-specific metal detector. In comparison to traditional detectors, this product utilizes digital circuitry design, ensuring consistent stability, strong anti-interference capabilities, and eliminating the need for calibration. Its special coil design and advanced programmable technology for sound, light, and vibration alarms enhance sensitivity, accuracy in alarming, energy efficiency, and extended operation. Combining high reliability and ergonomic principles, this product stands out with an unparalleled streamlined design among its counterparts, offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance, user-friendly operation, and robust durability. It is an exceptional product for detecting prohibited items.

**Introducing the VA360 Handheld Metal Detector:

 Elevate Your Security Experience**

Unleash a new standard of security with the VA360 Handheld Metal Detector – a compact powerhouse designed for precision and ease. This cutting-edge device is crafted to redefine your security protocols, offering advanced features and unmatched reliability. From its ergonomic design to its high-performance capabilities, the VA360 is the perfect solution for security professionals, event organizers, and enthusiasts alike.

**Key Features:**

1. **Advanced Detection Technology:** The VA360 is equipped with state-of-the-art detection technology, ensuring accurate and efficient metal detection in any environment.

2. **Ergonomic and Portable Design:** With a sleek and ergonomic design, the VA360 is comfortable to hold and easy to carry, making it the perfect companion for security on the go.

3. **Adjustable Sensitivity Levels:** Tailor the device to your specific needs with adjustable sensitivity levels, providing flexibility for various security scenarios.

4. **User-Friendly Interface:** The intuitive interface of the VA360 makes it easy to use for professionals and beginners alike. Enhance your security measures without the need for extensive training.

5. **Versatile Applications:** Whether you're securing public events, conducting routine security checks, or exploring hobbyist metal detection, the VA360 adapts to your needs with ease.

**Why Choose VA360?**

- **Reliability:** Trust in the VA360 for consistent and reliable metal detection results.


- **Precision:** Achieve precision in security with advanced features that set the VA360 apart from the rest.


- **Portability:** Its compact design ensures that you can take the VA360 wherever security is a priority.

Upgrade your security strategy with the VA360 Handheld Metal Detector – where precision meets convenience for a safer, more secure environment.

Details of specification

Hand held metal detector VA360 Features

1. Digitalized design with strong anti-interference capability.

2. Stable and consistent performance, no periodic calibration required.

3. High sensitivity (selectable from three levels).

4. Streamlined design, elegant appearance, with a comfortable anti-slip handle.

5. Simple, user-friendly, and convenient.

6. Three alarm modes: vibration, sound, and vibration with sound.

7. Extended working and standby time, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

8. Energy-saving with automatic sleep mode.

9. Advanced programming capability.

10. Operators can assess the size of detected metal objects through audio and visual cues.

11. Modes for detecting black and non-ferrous metals.

VA360 Handheld Metal Detector

Application Scope

1. Knife and Gun Safety Inspection: Airports, prisons, law enforcement agencies, military facilities, customs, and stations.

2. Security Prevention Inspection: Government institutions, large enterprises, conference venues, stadiums, and large event locations.

3. Factory Anti-Theft Inspection: Detection of precious metals (such as jewelry factories), hardware factories, electronics factories, cable factories, warehouses, etc.

4. Luggage Security Inspection: Postal services, logistics systems, etc.

5. Product Quality Inspection: Textiles, food, pharmaceutical systems, etc.

6. Other Applications: Preventing cheating in examination halls, etc.

Dimensional Diagram

VA360 Handheld Metal Detector