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Products Details

    VKM-99 metal detector adopts high-power launching and automatic tracking system, it has enough detecting depth and accurate identification ability, it is a professional ultra-deep detector. It is especially suitable for detecting operation in the deep part of the ground. 

Details of specification

    VKM-99 intelligent underground metal detector intelligent large depth underground gold geese depth detector for detecting buried respect to the ground metal objects.

Functional features

● Display: the use of full digital display, display intuitive and clear, with a backlight display function at night without the slightest impact on the use of

●Recognition function: automatic identification of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, excluding the impact of mineralization reaction on the identification of performance

●Ground balance: digital sampling, automatic adjustment of ground balance

●Power supply: high efficiency, low ripple, anti-interference

●Sensitivity: customizable setting of machine sensitivity

●Anti-interference: optimized line integration, reduce external interference

●Probe plate: hollow design, lightweight, internal independent coil high-strength PC skeleton, to prevent deformation caused by vibration and pressure and high and low temperatures, sturdy, stable and durable.

Functional parameters

Maximum detection depth: 3.5 meters

Operation mode: automatic ground balance/recognition

Transmit frequency: 6.99 KHZ

Signal frequency: 437Hz

Power supply: 12V lithium battery