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  • Portable fold door frame walk through metal detector

Portable fold door frame walk through metal detector

Application Details

China manufacturers of portable walk through metal detector 

We gotcha covered. The M Scope Portable Walk Through Metal Detector is simple, convenient and the ultimate in single person assembly. It is lightweight and easy to operate - in less than 5 minutes! We encourage you to learn more at

Our Walk-Through metal detector is a portable walk through metal detector that detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and our M-Scope metal detector offers a complete 3D detection of all carrier frequencies for gold, silver and non-metallic mineral deposits.

Ultra portable walk through metal detector, with m scope technology. It's a must have when you need quick and easy metal detection. Ideal for festivals, concerts and stadiums or other mass gatherings or events.

The SecuGear portable walk through metal detector is so easy to use, anyone can launch the business.  Scalable from 2,500 - 5000 detections per shift.

The M-Scope is the first walk through metal detector designed for individuals with special needs.

With a portable walk through metal detector, you can ensure all traffic in and out of your event is safe.

Our portable walk-through metal detector can be assembled without tools, in under 5 minutes.

Single person portable walk through metal detectors without tools - for use in less than 5 minutes.

Single person assembly without tools - in less than 5 minutes

Details of specification

viking hand held metal detector and walk through metal detector are design for used in public place where need security checking.

Mainly can be used

Airports and Seaports

Government Buildings


Police Facilities


Prisons and jails

Military Bases



Financial Institutions

Colleges and Schools

Hotels and Casinos

Power plants

Research Sites

Sports Stadiums

Public Transportation

Public Landmarks