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  • VFGH-280 Hand Held Needle Detector

VFGH-280 Hand Held Needle Detector

Products Details

 hand-held needle detector

A hand-held needle detector can use the principle of magnet field to pinpoint the location of ferromagnetic metal impurities like broken needles.

 It is ideal for inspecting small and thin objects. It can detect large needle detectors. 

This handheld needle detector can precisely locate the position of steel or ferrromagnetic needles within a very small range. 

It avoids any damage to manufacturers and consumers, and it improves the quality and safety of enterprise products.

mainly used in garment ,textile,clothing,shoes and related quality inspection 

Details of specification


Designed for small products detection or exact locating. 

Features of VFGH-280handheld needle detector.

1.Fashion form. 

2.ABS-plastic shell.

3.2 Steps sensitivity adjustment(hi or low).

4.Power supply:DC3V AA*2,long life.

5.Portable needle detector.

Specification of VFGH-280 handheld needle detector 

1.Detection method: Magnetic induction 

2.Detection sensitivity:Lo:20-30mm Hi-30-40mm With an iron setting pin of 0.7mm,length 25mm,detection is possible within following range; 

3.Detection adjustment: Lo-Hi2steps 

4.Detection width: 50*25mm