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needle detection systems with integrated conveyor belt

Application Details

Textile needle processing metal detector 

DongGuan Viking Technology is a top provider of apparel needle detection, consulting, and solutions in China. In response to industry demands to maintain high quality standards and to address growing market demand, the company offers domestic customers specialized machinery that can detect broken needles in finished garments. All top brands around the world, especially in Europe, have to detect broken needles.

Different applications require different needle detectors. For example, a garment factory will need a machine to detect the needles within each garment. Conversely, warehousing or express companies will have to inspect the needles in cartons. A different machine is required for home furnishing, quilting and mattress manufacturers.

Viking has brought DonGuan's vikingdetector brand, a high-precision and economically priced needle detector for different applications. The company has a wide range of hand-held and desk needle detectors as well as a computer-operated, automatic conveyor or super-wide needle detector. It promises reliable machines that will improve quality. Vikinging offers special models for both warehousing and linen producers.

Apart from needle detectors viking also makes industrial metal detectors, needle detectors, and x-ray scanners.

Details of specification
Detecting Sensitivity600mm(W)x100mm-200mm(L)
Detecting methodFe /C0.8mmx1.2mm
Method of operationType magnetic induction touch
How to detect height<=120mm
alarmLuminotron status display, Hummer alarm. The stop or return of the conveyer belt
Date outputTo print the detection report (detection dates, detection dates, detection standard qualified and checkout and amount), you can choose to use English or Chinese.
Energy requirementsAC220V +- 10% (50-60Hz)
Energy consumption100W
Packing size1910x1140x1080mm2320x1140x1080mm