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Needle Detection in Sewn Garments

Application Details

A textile and garment needle detector machine is a machine for detecting the presence of needles in textiles or garments.

The machine uses a combination of sensors to detect the needle as it passes through the cloth. The sensors are typically made up of a number of light sources, such as LEDs, and detectors, such as photodiodes, which are used to detect the light that is reflected back from the needle. The detectors can be used with different light sources in order to detect different types of objects. For example, one type of light source might be made up of blue-green LEDs, while another might use yellow LEDs.

The light sources are mounted on two sides of a rotating drum that rotates at high speeds around a central axis. The detectors are mounted on the other two sides of this drum so that they can detect any changes in color caused by movement through cloth by passing through different portions of each side's resulting image formed by reflected light from moving parts on either side (such as needles).

A textile or garment needle detector machine can also be used to detect non-metallic substances that may be embedded within clothing materials such as metal shavings or splinters.

DongGuan Viking technology, a leader in China's apparel needle metal detector, consulting and solutions, is DongGuan Viking technology. The company has now brought to China specialized machinery to detect broken needles in garments. This is to meet the industry's growing demand for high-quality products. All major brands, especially in Europe and the USA, require that broken needles be detected.

Different applications require different types and models of needle detectors. A garment factory requires a machine that can detect needles inside each garment. However, express and warehousing companies need machines to inspect needles in their cartons. The same applies to quilting, mattress manufacturing, and home furnishing.

Viking now offers DonGuan-based Vikingdetector brands of high-precision and economical needle detectors for various applications. The company offers a variety of needle detectors from desk to hand, as well as computer-operated and automatic conveyors. Special models are also available from viking for manufacturers of bed linen and warehousing.

Other than needle detectors, viking also manufactures industrial metal detectors and x-ray scanners.

with more than 300 sets of needle detector installation especially in Mexico, Turkey, India, Pakistain, Bangladesh, especially in garment, textile, rugs recycling, shoes industry . 

Details of specification
Sensitivity detection600mm(W)x100mm-200mm(L)
Detecting methodFe /C0.8mmx1.2mm
Operation methodType Magnetic Induction Touch
Height detection<=120mm
alarmLuminotron position indicator, Hummer alarm, Stop or Return of Conveyor Belt
Date outputYou can choose between English and Chinese to print the detection reports (detection date and detection date, detection quality qualified, checkout, amount, etc.).
Power requirementsAC220V +- 10% (50-60Hz)
Consumption of power100W
Size of the bag1910x1140x1080mm2320x1140x1080mm