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  • VMD-2 gravity feed vertical metal detector
  • VMD-2 gravity feed vertical metal detector

VMD-2 gravity feed vertical metal detector

Products Details

China manufacturers of gravity throat metal detectors machine in low price 

viking Gravity Fall metal detector systems are designed to inspect bulk, free falling fine powdered and granular products in food production and non-food applications.

 High volume products are able to free-fall, or drop through a small metal detector aperture delivering very high sensitivity.

  The combination of maximum detection capability, efficient rejection systems and new technology to optimize performance testing leads to increased operational efficiency, 

maximized profitability, and easier compliance with both industry standards and regulations.

Free-fall metalseparator Separates magnetic and nonmagnetic contamination even when the product is sealed.

Minimizes costly machinery downtime and reduces machine failure

Ensures product quality

Details of specification

we can customized tunnel size 30-200mm according to different production line 

viking detector has a complete line gravity-style metaldetectors. We have created them specifically to meet the needs of our customers in the plastics, recycling and other industries. 

Our gravity feed detectors detect all ferrous metals and non-ferrous materials, as well as stainless.

viking detector's Gravity Metaldetectors immediately reject any metalcontamination detected and seperate it from your product stream. 

Our reject mechanisms have been designed to ensure that metalcontamination does not occur and minimize product loss. 

viking detector's gravity feeder metaldetectors identify and reject metalcontamination with minimal process interruptions. 

viking detector's Metaldetectors can detect metal contamination in any industry, including plastics manufacturing and recycling.

 As a result you can enjoy a high-quality, pure product. Your brand reputation will be maintained by high-purity plastics products. They also provide the ideal end product for your customers.

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viking detector's gravity feeder metaldetectors are not only beneficial for product integrity but also protect equipment within your facility.

 Metalcontamination can damage equipment in your production line. It can affect extruders or extruders. 

Equipment that is damaged will not only cause you to have to spend a lot to repair it, but also will result in a loss of significant profit.

viking detector's metaldetectors for recycling and plastics will help protect your equipment and profits.