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  • VMD-T Freefall Gravity Metal Separator for plastic
  • VMD-T Freefall Gravity Metal Separator for plastic

VMD-T Freefall Gravity Metal Separator for plastic

Products Details

VMD-T Freefall Gravity Metal Separator for plastic

Metalseparator for free-fall applications It can detect and separate magnetic and nonmagnetic metal contamination, even if it is contained in the product.

This reduces the chance of costly machinery failures and minimizes downtime.

Ensures product quality

Viking detector manufactures a full range of gravity-style metal detectors, which we designed especially for customers in the recycling and plastics industry.

 Our gravity-feed metal detectors can detect all ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless metals. viking detector's metal detectors 

quickly reject the contaminated material once it has been detected. Our reject mechanisms ensure that metal contamination is eliminated while minimizing

 loss of product. viking detector's gravity feed metal detectors are able to detect and reject metal contamination in a matter of seconds,

 ensuring that your operations remain reliable and efficient. viking detector's metal detectors provide the highest level of metal detection whether you work 

in plastics production or plastics recycling. You will enjoy a high-quality product with an extraordinary level of purity. You can maintain your brand's reputation by using high-purity products that are plastics. This will also ensure your customers receive the best possible end product.

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Viking detector's gravity feed metal detectors will not only improve your product integrity but also protect other equipment in your plant. Metal contamination can cause damage to production equipment like extruders, grinders, nozzles, and mixers. You will lose a lot of profit if equipment is damaged.

Viking detector's Gravity Style Metaldetectors for the Recycling and Plastics Industry will protect your equipment, your profits, and your plastics purity.

Details of specification

VMD-T Touch screen digital signal process gravity food metal detector (Suitable for Food, candy chocolate).

Gravity food metal detector  .High sensitivity high stability. Top features in the world .Can detect and separator cooper aluminum. Tin and so on all metal scraps. Especially super design for food processing industry. Avoid the influence to food  itself and keep high detect and separator sensitivity.

Digital signal process. Can storage different product parameter. Touch screen control.

Sound and lighter alarm

★Product features:

Full SUS 304 built structure

Upright feed structure .automatic free fall

Can detect magnetic and nonmagnetic metals ( for example

Ferrous. cooper. Can independently be placed beside the crush machine .all raw materials directly pass through a metal separator. Prevent metal scraps mixed into food. Keep food conform to HACCP  )
Easy to operate and have the bracket and feeding Hooper. easy for customer use.  

★The core control part:  

Control system High Accurate 

The start-up Electromagnetic Valve Germany 

The actuating cylinder Japan SMC

Gas filter Jan pan SMC

★Application filed:

Special for food granules.candy chocolate and so on food.

Feed tube diameter Yield Sensitive :Fe : SUS)
35MM300KG/HRFe:0.6mm  sus:1.0mm
50MM800KG/HRFe:0.8mm  sus:1.5mm
70MM1800KG/HRFe:1.0mm  sus:1.8mm
120MM2000KG/HRFe:1.5mm  sus:2.5mm