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  • Tunnel metal detector for wood and lumber industrial
  • Tunnel metal detector for wood and lumber industrial

Tunnel metal detector for wood and lumber industrial

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Metal detector in wood industry 

Metal detectors are used to find metal, such as iron and steel, in the woods. 

They are also used to find minerals in rock formations. Metal detectors are mainly used by professionals and hobbyists, but they can be used by anyone.

The reason why wood metal detectors are so popular is because they help people find lost items in their homes or workplaces. Sometimes, these items can be very valuable. For example, if you have a gold ring that was lost somewhere in your house and you don't know where it is anymore, then a metal detector can help you find it since it will detect any type of metal such as gold or silver when it comes into contact with the ground surface.

Another reason why metal detectors are so popular is because they make people feel safe when they walk around outside at night or during the day time when there are no lights on around them. They can also help people detect different types of metals like iron ore and copper ore which might not be visible during regular daylight hours but would show up under certain lighting conditions like at night time when there's no artificial light source available for us humans who live here on Earth

Applications of wood metal detectors: 

Quarries, Lime works, Clinker works, Sand pits, Cement factories, Slag processing, Building material recycling, Brickworks, Coal-burning power stations.

Metal detector for wood industrial features :

•Digital signal processing:Every data is controlled by Microprocessor. Signal processing is fulfilled by the digital circuit which is easy for adjustment, stable and reliable. To stop mistaking in transmission & reception in advance, the detector handles many operations. Easy to adjust the detecting parameters.


Detection signal shall be sent out when metal signal is detected, and then the elimination device shall eliminate the object with metal impurities or send out sound-light alarm stop signal.

Has the function of one-line signal display. When metal substance is passing through, the signal level indicator shall display different induction intensity according to the size of metal.

•Product memory:Memory function for registering various products (Max. 12 Items).Each product information is input in advance for detecting many kinds of product. Then operator can inspect every kinds of products if operator loads each product information.

•High immunity against vibration & product metal effect:Operator can check if the detector cope with product character and if the detector detect smoothly without mis-operating caused by great impact or vibration.

•Chinese & English operating menu:LCD Display is showed in English and Chinese. It is easy to interface between multinational person and detector.

•Extremely simple to install.The probe consists of 2 probe panels, one fitted under the belt and the other above the belt by means of spacers. It is quick and easy to install at the conveyor belt.

•Iron oxide and ore are ignored

•Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are detected

•Automatic self-monitoring

•Probe and amplifier solidly built for immunity to vibration and therefore resistant to weather, dirt and impact of stones


•The sensitivity determines the minimum size of metal parts which can be detected. Depending on the individual model and the sensitivity setting, metal parts down to the size of M10 nuts or the size of excavator teeth are detectable.

 •The unit can be integrated into an existing plant control system without any extra components. An On and Off button and a contactor for the conveyor belt motor are generally present. The output relay for the metal signal can be switched between normally relaxed and normally activated mode. On request an extended terminal strip can be supplied, which permits direct connection of a flashing warning light, an alarm horn or a marking device.

Details of specification

VIKING offers a number of unique metal detectors for wood 

including the Normal analogy cheap metal detector ,Digital metal detector and the Whole touch screen metal detector with its exclusive round aperture. VIKINGs exclusive four-quadrant technology is considered the world standard by global designers of engineered wood plants.

     VDF series metal detector are With extremely high detection sensitivity and anti-jamming ability, excellent performance, for the detection of the highly demanding food industry and other high demand product industry. Mainly for the detection of food, toys and plastics industries , it can be used to detect the broken needles, wire, copper, lead, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metals that they are lost or mixed into raw materials or products.


It can detect non-ferrous metals and iron impurities, has the high detection sensitivity for ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection.

Ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metal detection

Easy wash down drive, minimizing down time for sanitation concerns

Custom options of goods rejection including belt stops, pneumatic retracting belt, pushing systems, and alarms

Many safety features unique to the industry, including non-enclosed bolts, easy clean rollers and more

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metal detector for wood

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