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  • Digital pharmaceutical metal detection machine
  • Digital pharmaceutical metal detection machine

Digital pharmaceutical metal detection machine

Products Details

 Tablet Medicine pharmaceutical metal sdetector  (suitable for food, medicine, chemical filed).

Pharmaceutical metal detection systems are used to detect the presence of ferrous and nonferrous metals in pharmaceutical products. These systems are designed to detect low levels of contamination and reject them from the production line.

Common metal Contaminants in pharmaceutical 

The most common types of metal contaminants include stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium and other alloyed metals. 

Pharmaceutical companies use these systems to control contamination at various points in the production process including tablet presses, capsule filling machines and coating lines.

★.Use range:

1 .Suitable for tablet and capsule  

2 .Micro power

★.Product introduce:

Viking series Tablet metal detector takes of Germany technology . It have High detect sensitivity .

special for medicine and health care products.Full machine takes of SUS materials .Sound and lighter alarm .

★.Product introduce

1.Germany technology .High quality .High sensitivity high reliable

2.suitable for detect bulk material magnetic and non-magnetic metals .Takes special software design .improve detect feature ;

3.Have product self learning function ;

4.Integrated rejection system ,suitable for bulk products detect

5.Digital single process

6.Touch screen control

★.Product advantage

1.Intelligent detect .No need complex maintain  ;

2.All structure takes of SUS 304 ;

3.Special structure can avoid shake noisy and product effect  influence

4.SUS316 Food grade input side

5.avoid blocked  ;

6.Counter function . Can catch be detect metal times then know the qualified percent


1.Suitable for free fall materials separate and detect;

2.Can quick reject through reject system then decrease the lost of material waster .Not influence the production process;

3.Different tube can optional . Model meet all real application (Product specification . Accurate requirement . Work flow;

4.Detect range :Bulk material .dry material . High mobility and grain;

5.Alarm method: sound and light;

6.can quickly connect pneumatic air device .easy install;

8.waterproof standard: IP65

Details of specification

★ Sensitivity:

35MM300KG/HRFe:0.3mm  sus:0.6mm