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auto metal detector needle detectors for textile industry

Application Details

Viking detector textile inspection for metals and broken needle 

Our textile inspection needle metal detector for sale can detect the presence of metals in textiles, and the machine's ability to read fabrics makes it a valuable tool for textile inspectors. Its small size makes it easy to transport, and its ability to scan large areas means that you can scan large numbers of items in a short amount of time.

Quality control needle detector for textile industry 

The Textile Inspection Needle Metal Detector is ideal for use in textile inspection or quality control applications, as well as any application involving the inspection or testing of textiles. 

The Textile Inspection Needle Metal Detector uses a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic technologies to detect the presence of metals in textiles by producing an electrical signal that can be detected by an electronic circuit board inside the machine.

Easy operation neeedle detector machine 

This unit is easy to operate: just insert your fabric into the machine, then turn on the power switch at the top of the unit using one hand while holding down a button on top with your other hand. The machine will begin scanning automatically as soon as you press this button, and will continue scanning until there are no more objects inside it—then it will stop automatically after about eight seconds

Details of specification

China needle detector supplier 

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Metal objection for textile industry 

The textile inspection needle metal detector is a great tool for inspecting your garments and textiles. It can be used to detect any metal objects on the textile, so you don't have to guess if something is broken or not. The metal detector has a light that lets you see what your textile looks like up close, so you know if there are any holes or tears in it before you even start wearing them. This makes sure that all of your clothes are safe to wear, no matter how old they are!

When using the textile inspection needle metal detector, you will need to make sure that everything is clean and dry before using it on your clothes. This will help ensure that no needles  or broken metals gets inside of the needle which would cause problems with the machine itself when trying to detect anything inside of it.