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  • High sensitivity wide tunnel metal detector for textile industry
  • High sensitivity wide tunnel metal detector for textile industry

High sensitivity wide tunnel metal detector for textile industry

Products Details

wide range search head metal detector for food or textile industrial 

1.  head search metal detector Application

This machine is used for clothing, feather products (toys), shoes, socks, food, medicines and other products seized iron needle. Tested the decorative effect of the demagnetization in clothing, toys’metal decorations, zippers, buttons and so on.

2.  Notes

    Metal ornament buttons, zippers, etc. must be strictly demagnetization before sewing, or it will affect the normal detection .


    When sewing you using needles, pins and other steel products, please be sure using magnetic substance. Pure stainless steel, aluminum, copper or plastic and other non-magnetic metal will not be detected.

  head search metal detector  Specifications

  once the subject was placed on the conveyor belt to be sent to the detection part,it will detect whether needle or iron and other substances. Once found, the conveyor automatically stops, alarm and automatically backwards.

 not only can be checked one by one,  bundled and packaged (nylon film bag) can also be in a good check.

 Because the inspection unit is bridge channelized, according to the thickness (height) of the item examination, the degree can check are different. Manufacturers referring to the Japanese proposal, the international standard produced by the record.

The wide range search head metal detector is a new kind of metal detector that is developed to help detect nonferrous metals in food or textile industries. The device has an LCD display, which shows the statistics of the detection results. It also has an easy-to-read control panel, which allows users to easily adjust the settings and perform other operations on their own. The wide range search head metal detector is designed for industrial use, and it can be used at any point during production lines or in storage areas.

Details of specification

1.   Select and pay attention the using place

1.1   Vibration resistance

 Select indoor vibration-free place, preferably flat concrete floor, terrazzo floor is the best choice.

1.2  Effect of metal products for the machine

Within a meter from the detection portion, do not pile up metal tables, chairs, boxes, shelves and so on. Motion sewing machines, cutting machines, loading machines must to move more than four meters away.

1.3     Radio barriers

The top of the needle detector can not install the power-operated machine such as ceiling fans. High-voltage transformers, high frequency packaging machines could be easily to generating strong electromagnetic fields,these must to move more than 10 meters away. Also avoid from cars, trams constantly passing roadside and so on.

1.4  Ambient conditions

 Please put the machine placed in a small change in temperature and humidity, as well as a place with minimal dust.

1.5   Effect of other items


Detecting portion generates a strong magnetic, so watch, VCD cards, credit cards, driver's license, BP machines, mobile phones and other items susceptible to magnetic influence, never close.

2.    power usage

 The instrument use a single-phase power supply 220V ± 10V 50HZ, please equipped with a single-phase socket with a grounding device, regularly check the connection portions contact is good or not, to prevent poor contact factors caused such as motors, electrical systems elements burned.

3.  Moving note

 Once the machine is installed, try not to move. If the machine needs to be replaced (in the case of last resort),Please  operation properly. When horizontal movement for a short distance, first put down four adjustment bolts M16 nut, make caster off the ground, adjust the level. Long-distance move must be fixed in the flat or moving vehicles.

  Note: Do not move when pushed, pull the main driven shaft.

4.    Fixation

 Fixed on a flat concrete floor, use the adjusting screw, so as to move in the direction of four small wheels 0.5-1.5 cm from the ground, and then correct level, otherwise it will be easily lead to the phenomenon of the belt deviation and false alarms.

   Methods of use the machine

 Operational staffs are forbidden to wear ties, scarves when operation, ladies with long hair must be fixed the hairs in the work hat,prohibited hanging, forbidden to wear watches and metal jewelry.

2.Plug in the power, plug, You must use 220V special socket with grounding device.


3.Press the red power switch (right angle on the electric box). Watch the  red signal lights, check the power contact is good or not, no leaping twinkling, indicating good contact.

4.After the power is turned on, the power and indicator light light up, at the same time after the each operation indicators flashes three times on the panel, the display shows the current time, and enters the standby state.

5. Check the sensitivity of the gear indicator is suitable for general inspection routine stalls at 8, 9 files, such as special needs again to 0--7 file or 10 files. Non-inspectors are not free to change gear.

6. Press the start / stop button, the machine instantly operate normally. Press the Start / Stop button again, it will stop.

7.equipment is operating properly, 2-second delay time (in order to extend the life of equipment, reduce the current impact, it set the delay time), the standard detection block used with the supplied onto the conveyor belt testing, inspection equipment testing performance, Repeat 2-3 times, and check the automatic rewind distance is in an ideal position. For adjustment, see: Setting 5,2 rewind time.

8.After check the performance is normal, please place the ordered check items on the conveyor belt and start to detect.

 The item should be   

lighter to place on the conveyor belt, no throwing or place heavy.

If the detected item was detected to have foreign matter, it will sound and light alarm, automatic conveyor stop rewinding, the operator removed the item, then do not need to start, the machine will automatically run, continue detection (in automatic function selected case).

· Also note that items removed after being detected, should find out the magnetic substance (needle), and then repeat inspection once again, prevent multiple needle and missed.

After tested, or after work, press the start / stop button, turn off the power switch, unplug the power cord. Do the cleaning work, cover the covers or nylon hood.

· Standard test block must be safekeeping.


一.  How to avoid false alarms and correct analytical processing

1.1.  In order to use the needle detector better

1.2. The responsible person should guide the correct methods to the operator, and be familiar with these instructions.

1.3. The needle must be steel products.

1.4.  Finding the needles when sewing, be sure to find out before replacing the new needle, do not relax system.

1.5. Decorative (including buttons, zippers) metal products, be sure to thoroughly demagnetized (demagnetization) before sewing up

1.   If there is no needle or iron sheet whether it will alarm?








2.1 without the demagnetization (demagnetized) or despite demagnetization (demagnetization) but demagnetized (demagnetization) entirely of metal buttons, zippers dense arrangement, also will be check out and alarm.

2.2. Scissors (including machine knife) after sharpening iron powder, dark color chalk stick on clothes, which can also be detected and alarm, so after use the cutting blade sharpening,pay special attention to handle clean.

2.3 Tainted with oil’s detected item, readily adsorbed metal powder, it will be detected and alarm.

2.4. The end of the stick metal rust on an inspection was also detected and alarm.

2.5. Dark dye with iron, dyed cloth with iron, also can be detected alarm ,shall indicate before it is sent to dye cloth.

2.  Check, protection




3.1 The equipment is functioning, check if there are floating look shift phenomenon, if only to illustrate the four adjustment bolts loose foot, the fixed re-adjust the horizontal.

3.2 within four meters around the instrument whether the metal in motion.

3.3Rotating part-load inspection, shafts, etc. are unusual sounds, if any, with a clean cloth or towel to wipe clean the bearing, adjusting bolt and then through the shaft drops 2-3 drops of sewing machine oil.

3.4 whether the performance is unstable, sensitivity indicator flash jump phenomenon, may cause serious false alarms,

3.5please check off the power after checking load:

 Check the upper and lower surfaces of the channel poked whether metal adsorption, and squeezed carefully with a clean towel after wiping clean and water damage.

3.6There are no dirt or metal sheets, powder, if still not found significant objects, use a clean wet towel carefully to both positive and negative two faces repeated several times to wipe the inspection conveyor belt! Note that after carried off the power!

      access key parameter setting method function

press the set button, the screen will be a small screen, select a digital rewind time after a tap, a set screen appears, press the rewind need to choose a good time, such as "1.8" after the point after Enter complete set rewind time, then after the detection of the digital standard, the same operation as above, to complete the setup, press the Escape key, complete functions of the machine settings.

Machine parameter settings, the machine has automatic and manual controls, tap the screen to select automatic and manual, and the same text appears. Automatic mode, the machine after detecting metallic foreign body can automatically stopped, and can restart automatically after the return, the manual mode, the machine detects metallic foreign body after the alarm to go back and stop, does not start automatically, you need to press the start button.

Sensitivity adjustment, press the up arrow indicates increased sensitivity at the same time indicating light beam were lit up, each click level rise and a corresponding digital display (0-10). Press the down arrow indicates decreased sensitivity down lights were turned off at the same time, 10 the highest sensitivity, 0 the lowest.

Select book material and thick material features, as long as the tap button, you can easily switch, thin material is without infrared-assisted detection method, thick material is required to detect infrared photoelectric ancillary way. This machine is turned on by default workbook material mode.


Setting printing: the printer tap the screen, the screen will appear two options box (at noon and in English) choose their own printing language by what took the test results printed out. (Optional)


Press the OFF OFF button while the screen converted into ON button to start the machine, press the ON button to stop the machine.


Tap the screen qualified key will show "qualified" "detection", "total", the above figures will be randomly records show.


Clearing counts: In standby mode at a set point key, small screen, tap the "Clear Count" to complete the clear, press the Escape key.


When detected items, certain items from the front of the machine and gently placed to ensure proper detection machine can not detect with the product to throw up bad operating habits!


Position display can accurately show the approximate location of the needle (the on-screen beam (0-9) to facilitate workers can quickly using a small hand-held needle detector to find the break.


Function display can be clearly visually display the working status of the machine.


Each machine factory have been the standard test blocks and various instruments strict debugging, so we should be based on standard test block test machine standards to industry standards as the standard, the machine can be a fair judge good or bad!


Each time you use, should first try to use the standard test block a few times, to see whether the machine properly to ensure quality testing.