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garment metal detector for cloth industry

Application Details

Quality control garment metal detector for cloth processing 

Important tool for garment and colthing industry 

The garment metal detector is the most important tool for cloth industry. 

It can detect the metal in garments, especially in garments with a lot of metal content. 

This type of detector is used to find and remove metal from cloth products. 

The garment metal detector can detect the metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum and iron etc.

Metal detector for garment processing industry 

Metal detectors are a key component of any garment-manufacturing process. 

They can detect the presence of metal objects in the production area, which can be a safety hazard for workers.

Metal detectors are also used to ensure that garments are not being sold with hidden defects.

 The presence of metal on a garment can indicate that it has been altered after being made, which can lead to lawsuits and other legal concerns.

Details of specification

Viking garment metal detector for cloth industry 

The Viking  garment metal detector for cloth industry is the most advanced metal detector in its class.

 It has been designed to be versatile, reliable, and cost-effective. The machine uses a computerized system with

 an advanced processor to scan for metal objects and report the results. This allows you to scan large amounts 

of material quickly and easily, which is vital for businesses operating in a cost-conscious environment.

The Viking garment metal detector for cloth industry features four scanning modes: 

- Continuous Scan Mode - this mode scans continuously while you are moving the machine around your work area. It will continue scanning until it has scanned every square inch of your work area.

- Area Scan Mode - this mode scans one section of your material at a time. You can then take a picture of each sheet or roll with your smartphone or tablet so that you can review each item before it goes out on the floor.

- Single Pass Mode - this mode scans only one square inch of your material at a time, which allows you to quickly locate any areas that may contain hidden pockets or pockets that are empty but appear full due to shadows caused by overhead lights overhead or other factors (such as dust on clothing).