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  • VMP-9000 Plus
  • VMP-9000 Plus

VMP-9000 Plus

Products Details

Advanced technology

● Muti-detecting zones technology: 8,16,24 detecting zones, it can be shifted and selected intelligent(more zones update technology can be supported).

● Working frequency: Super range working frequency(0-120),and working environment adaptive function

●Sensitivity of detecting zone: Sensitivity of single detecting zone can reach 355 grade(adjustable).

●Mobile connect technology: Can be controlled by mobile APP.

●Super housing protection technology: IP67 excellent protection(selectivity)

● Self-adaption diagnosis system: When trun on,system will detect adaptively hardware working status.

Portable walk through metal detector

Portable walk through metal detector as one portable and high performance metal detector can be movable,waterproof and portable. It can be taken to any where by one person and ca be installed in five minutes to work. This model can be used in gym,conference hall,school. And it be operated easily no need more training.

This model obtained surface patent and software system registration property. This model detectct metals by electromagnet and alarmed by sound and light if metals overload. It contains CPU,generator,signal receiver, infrared ray sensor. Beautiful surface,strong detecting,more detecting zones,internet remote control management system and waterproof. It can be separated eight parts for better taken and transferred. It’s leader of portable walk through metal detector in the market.

Product Advantages

●Adjustment system: System can adjust detecting standard

● Start and stop technology: Red infared device own automatic start and stop technology. It can adds 100 times lifespan.

●Sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted(own adjustment technology)

●Detecting zones quantity can be selected by yourself

● Sound and light alarm. Alarm tones and time can be arbitrarily adjusted.

●Enqury function: System provided actual time information enquiry function

● Detecting capacity: Can detect more than one hundred persons in one minute

VMP-9000 Plus

Con-fig 7 inch high definition LCD screen(touch screen) portable and more intelligent

Technical parameters:

●  Detecting target: Contraband goods,more magnet metals;

●  Vertical outside size:2250x850x500mm;

●  Tunnel Size:2051x710x500mm(Width customized range 700~1500mm);                    

●  Fold size:889x606x484mm;

●  Package size:948x666x525mm;                 

●  Working humidity:99%,no condensing;

●  Working temperature:-40℃~85℃;                                

●  Power supply method:Config polymer batteries, last time can be 8、16、24、48、72hours and can be selected;

●  Input:AC 110V~240V/50HZ~60HZ;

●  Output:DC 12V/5A, 12W;

●  Weight:N.W 42KG, G.W 50KG;

VMP-9000 Plus

Off status

VMP-9000 Plus

Stay status

VMP-9000 Plus

Walk through status

VMP-9000 Plus

Alarm status

Function select

In order to satisfy customers’need,This model kept more hommization function for customer’s select. Like: body temperature inspection system,video intercom system,walk through detect video system,face recognition system and etc. More function can be developed according to requirements.

VMP-9000 Plus

Unique feature

VMP-9000 Plus

●High and low temperature resistance 600T.S Working normally from -40℃ to 85℃ (selectivity)

VMP-9000 Plus

● waterproof

New deep sea waterproof technology. Working normally underwater at 0.72m

VMP-9000 Plus

●  Wireless connection

Products can be connected through wifi,4G data,blueteeth module into internet,remote controlled and data monitored by mobile APP and computer.

VMP-9000 Plus

●  Super long time power supply

Config polymer batteries, last time can be 8、16、24、48、72hours and can be selected;

System can be low battery alarm.

Package specification

VMP-9000 Plus

Fold size:889x606x484mm



Package size:948x666x525mm