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  • full automaic weight grading machine for fish,onion and vegetable industry
  • full automaic weight grading machine for fish,onion and vegetable industry

full automaic weight grading machine for fish,onion and vegetable industry

Products Details

Fish onion and vegetable industry weight sorter 

The weight grading machine is a perfect solution for the fish, onion and vegetable industries. The machine can be used to weigh small quantities of produce quickly and accurately. It is also suitable for both manual and automatic operation.

The machine consists of a weighing platform with a large capacity. The platform can be tilted up or down by an angle of 60 degrees, which allows you to grade the produce in any position. The scale is equipped with an electronic control panel that allows you to set different scales according to the required accuracy and speed. 

The scale can be adjusted according to your needs: you can choose between different weighing capacities (from 200 grams up to 15 kg). The machine works at different speeds depending on how much product you want to grade at once: from 0-500 g/min (with stopwatch function) up to 2000 g/min (without stopwatch function).

Machine real picture (This is a three grade sorting not means the real machine)

Inspection product

Fresh chicken

Sorting range:

Four grade 

1200-1400gram/1400-1600 gram/1600-1800gram/1800-2000gram/

Accurate: 10 gram

No2 Machine technical:

☆ Screen: 8inche full touch screen

☆ Weight range: Max 1000g

☆ Max speed : 2000pieces /hour (can adjust)

☆ Max accuracy: ±10g

☆ Screen resolution: 0.01g

☆ Rejection: deflector rod  

☆ Running direction: Face operate panel from left to right  

☆ Belt height from earth: 750±50MM(can customized )

☆ Products recipe storage: can storage 100kinds

☆ Power supply: customized 110---220V±20% 50HZ

☆ Machine structure: Full stainless steel   304

☆ Full machine weight: approx 100kg

NO3 Engineer drawing: 

VC-M4 4grade Weight Sorting Machine 

Details of specification

NO4 Machine bom parts list

Parts Name Specification /BrandUnitUse amount
Control system Vfinder control system, 8 inch industrial touch screenpcs1
Weight sensor Germany HBMPcs1
Driving system DeltaPcs4
Inverter DeltaPcs4
photoelectric switchTaiwan RikoPcs4
Motor Switch CHNTPcs1
Conveyor belt White ShabakerPcs1
Main conveyor belt roller NSK BearingPcs4
Accessory conveyer belt NSK BearingPcs1

NO5 V Finder series check weigher feature:

Standard Features

Control Panel Exterior is Stainless Steel and Painted

Conveyor is Non-waterproof

Balance is Force Balance

Frame is Stainless Steel and Painted

Color LCD Touch Screen

Optional Features

Tower Light (with buzzer alarm)

Data Printer

Emergency Stop Switch

Line Height Change

Plate for Anchor

Remote Indicator

Cross Plate

Product Guide

Wind Shield (full cover)

Wind Shield (top)

Wind Shield (protector)