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  • automatic Muti grade weight sorting machine

automatic Muti grade weight sorting machine

Products Details

automatic Multi grade weight sorting machine 

The automatic Multi grade weight sorting machine is a great addition to any business. It can be used for sorting multiple items of similar size and weight, so you can easily separate them into different piles or boxes depending on what your business needs.

It's easy to use, as well. You simply need to place your items into the machine, and it will sort them out for you! The machine has an internal sorter that can sort multiple items at once, so there's no need to worry about running out of space or having too much of one type of item left over in the end.

It also has an external sorter that lets you choose how much weight each box should hold. This makes it possible for you to have more or less space available depending on what you need right now; if there's only one type of product in the box, then it will be small enough to fit inside another box without using up all its space; but if there are multiple types of products in the same package, then they'll all fit into this one box without wasting any room

checkweigher system for weight sorter

Checkweighers are systems used to assure compliance with label weight regulations and to minimize product giveaway. Our checkweighers will help you make sure items are not missing from packaging, reducing customer complaints, speeding up production and minimizing your giveaway.

Function and structure characteristics of check weigher

1. apply advanced digital signal processing and realize high speed and stable weighing.

2. with liquid crystal and tangibly screen, it is easy to operate.

3. self-diagnosis function, when Rom/Ram, A/D light electric tube.

VC-M3 Three Grade Check Weigher Machine

Scope of application of check weigher

Use in detecting the single product weight and setting target value which is accordingly or not. And the

sorting device will eliminate the un-standard product.


Three -grade check weigher machine features

Solid SUS304 stainless steel structure enable for good performance

Belt disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean

Rejection system choose :automatic stop by sound and light .air blast. or pneumatic push rod

emergency stop button for safety working condition

Takes of high sensitivity weigher sensor and 0 point automatic analyses and track technology ..

Full Big touch screen control system

Then products parameter records .easy product recipe edit and storage

Quickly shift and automatic self-adjustment . Can adjustment the memory product sorting speed 

USB memory storage , Detection and records check data. Can put USB disk to computer for check analyses


Muti grade check weigher six grade weight sorting parameter:


Food.Medicine.snacks.cookies.biscuit .bread .Peanut and so on that need sorting different range of weigher

Details of specification

Our automatic Multi grade weight sorting machine is a high-tech solution for sorting any type of material, from grains and seeds to woodchips and plastics. It can sort up to four different grades of material at once and can automatically dump the sorted material into any container that you need it to be dumped in.

The machine consists of two parts: the input hopper and the output hopper. The input hopper is where you load your material into; you can simply open up the lid and pour it right in. Alternatively, if you have a lot of material to load into a small space, you can use an auger or other similar device to feed your materials through this area.

The output hopper holds all the sorted materials once they've been sorted out by the machine itself; it's not necessary for you to manually move them around (although we do recommend doing so as often as possible). When it's time for you to dump your sorted materials into another container or onto another machine, simply open up this part of the machine—and then dump it!

Weight range5-500g
Max conveyor speedApprox 100-150 pcs / minute depends on different product
Weight grade3 grader can customized according to customer requirement
Max accuracy balance±1g
Weigher sensor zone250mm(L)*220mm(W) or customized
Weigher mannerStrain resistance weigh
Rejection mannerAir blast .push rod .flap drop
Operate mannerFull touch screen control
Alarm methodBuzzer alarm and light
Power supplyAC110V/220V
Out dimension2000mm(L)*675mm(W)81350mm±50mm
PackageStrong ploy wooden case