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  • large tunnel checkweigher for heavy load application
  • large tunnel checkweigher for heavy load application

large tunnel checkweigher for heavy load application

Products Details

Elevate Your Industrial Weighing with Our Large Tunnel Heavy Load Checkweigher**

Discover precision and efficiency redefined in industrial weighing with our advanced Large Tunnel Heavy Load Checkweigher. This cutting-edge solution is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty operations, ensuring accurate and reliable checkweighing for large-scale production.

Precision in Heavy Load Checkweighing**

Our Large Tunnel Checkweigher is designed to deliver unparalleled precision in weighing heavy loads. Whether you're handling bulk items or large packages, our system provides accurate measurements, contributing to consistent product quality and compliance.

 Streamlined Efficiency for High-Capacity Production Lines**

Experience seamless integration into high-capacity production lines with our Large Tunnel Checkweigher. Its design prioritizes efficiency, allowing for smooth workflow integration and minimizing downtime in your industrial processes.

 Robust Design for Heavy-Duty Operations**

Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty operations, our checkweigher features a robust design that ensures durability and longevity. The sturdy construction is a testament to its reliability, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

 Compliance Assurance in Every Weighing Process**

Maintain compliance with industry standards effortlessly. Our Large Tunnel Checkweigher is equipped with advanced technology that not only ensures precision but also guarantees adherence to regulatory requirements, safeguarding your products and reputation.

User-Friendly Interface for Effortless Operation**

Navigate through the checkweighing process with ease using our user-friendly interface. The intuitive design of the control system allows operators to monitor and control the checkweigher seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the learning curve.

Invest in the future of industrial weighing with our Large Tunnel Heavy Load Checkweigher – where precision meets efficiency in heavy-duty operations. Elevate your production standards and experience reliability like never before.

Details of specification

Indusrial checkweigher

Whether you're making a high-quality product or just need something to help ensure you don't run out of product, a tunnel checkweigher is the perfect solution.

These types of checkweighers are used in many industries, including food and beverage, automotive manufacturing, and even aerospace. They're also used in a variety of other applications where accurate data is required. The most common uses for tunnel checkweighers include:

- Automotive manufacturing: To ensure that the vehicles being produced meet strict standards for weight, length and other measurements.

- Food and beverage production: To make sure that the correct amount of product is being produced at any given time.

- Aerospace engineering: To make sure that the weight of equipment being transported by air meets requirements set by government agencies such as FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Machine real picture

No1 Demand details : 50x40x35 , 60x35x65 etc
No2 Machine technical :

Model number Technical specification
VC-25 3 section  +Reject roller
Weight rangeWithin 35Kg
Customer product sizeL365mm *W295 mm *H265 mm
Each section size800  X  600 mm 800 X  600  mm 800  X  600  mm
Belt height from earth1000 mm± 50  mm
Conveyor speed15-20  Box /minute
Weight accurate± 350 g
Resolution1  g
Voltage220  V, 50\60  HZ
InfraredHave  √/no            
Running directionFace operate panel  from left to right
Operate panel10 inch colorful touch screen with English operate
Machine materialSUS 304
RejectPush rod
Full machine length2500   mm(L), 900 mm(W), 1350 mm(H)

NO3 Machine bom parts list

Parts NameSpecification/BrandUnitUse amount
Control systemcontrol system, 8 inch industrial touch screenpcs1
Weight sensorGermany HBMPcs1
Driving systemDeltaPcs1
photoelectric switchTaiwan RikoPcs1
Motor SwitchCHNTPcs1
Conveyor beltWhite ShabakerPcs1
Main conveyor belt rollerNSK BearingPcs1
Accessory conveyer beltNSK BearingPcs1