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  • combination inline metal detector and checkweigher
  • combination inline metal detector and checkweigher
  • combination inline metal detector and checkweigher

combination inline metal detector and checkweigher

Products Details

combination inline metal detector and checkweigher 

You need a partner to ensure that your food safety is maintained. If your product inspection is poor, foreign bodies could be found in your products. This can lead to food recalls and losses that can reach millions. Let us help prevent this.

combo metal detector combination checkweigher inspection solution

Our innovative weighing- and inspection solutions can help you improve consumer confidence in your food. We offer solutions that pay attention to every detail, from foreign body detection to completeness and level checks to shape check to mass determination to make sure you provide a safe and perfect product.

Highest Accuracy with Smallest Footprint combo metal detector

Space and cost savings are obtained with Viking''s integrated inspection solution, the combination checks weigher and metal detector system. In one system you can receive high accuracy weighing and metal detection.  Cut waste and improve safety compliance within a small footprint while minimizing false rejects.  Best performance in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

combo metal detector introduces

The system can separate metal scraps from potential products.

Metal detector and check weigher work integrated

The rejection system can accurately reject One machine have a metal impurity

The metal detector has high sensitivity and stability to avoid wrong alarm

Protection of consumers and brand reputation

Our advanced, proven multi-frequency systems guarantee reliable metal detection – even when processing difficult products - plus the precision-performing checkweigher also ensures full compliance with regulations and legal requirements. Your consumers can thus be sure of receiving contamination-free products.

Saving you space, time and money

combo metal detector combination inspection solution is a compact system that fits perfectly into any production line. Only four feet are in contact with the ground, thereby guaranteeing improved floor accessibility for cleaning – a key quality feature by HACCP. The shared control console allows for product set-up parameters. Belt speeds and sorting equipment are automatically and jointly controlled, reducing manual workload by 50 percent. The units comply with all necessary qualifications (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ).

The combo inline metal detector and checkweigher is a multi-purpose machine that detects and weighs metals. This machine uses an electromagnetic induction method to detect metal with high sensitivity. The combo inline metal detector and check weigher can be used to detect different types of metals, including aluminum, copper, iron, lead, and zinc.

The combo inline metal detector and check weigher can also be used to weigh products that contain metal. This process is called "sorting." The combo inline metal detector and check weigher can sort products based on whether or not it contain metal. The combo inline metal detector and checkweigher sorts products into different categories based on their weight and whether or not they contain metal.

Details of specification

combo metal detector related models 

Model NameVC-10VC-15VC-22VC-30VC-40VC-25(Two belt)VC-100
Weight range (g)3-1003-30010-120030-300050-100050g-25kg1kg-100kg
Mini weight accuracy (g)±0.1±0.3±0.5±1±0.5±5g±10g
Mini screen value (g)
Max weigh speed (Bags /Minute )203302101801805020
Belt speed016-11813-9613-9613-9613-783-15
(Meter/minute )
Suitable product length (mm) -60-180mm60-300mm60-420mm60-500mm60-420mm-
Suitable product width  (mm) -30-150mm30-200mm30-250mm30-400mm30-380mm-
Suitable product height (mm) -10-130mm10-200mm10-330mm10-330mm10-430mm-
Weigh zone size (mm L*W)-270*110450*220500*300500*400800*6001000*800
 NoteNon-standard (without belt)High accuracySmall common model  Customized modelCustomized modelCommon model for BoxRoller end belt
Reject device optionalPin Rod /Push rod /air blast /divided flow /drop down /flap drop (Optional )

Detected products Height8012080100120150200
Detected products Width300300400400400400400
Belt Width250250350350350350350
Belt length1500
 Detector sensitivityFeф0.5FeФ0.8FeФ0.6FeФ0.7FeФ0.8FeФ0.8FeФ1.0
Speed of belt27M/min (can adjust 5-40 M/min)
Load ability20KG
Reject WaysSound and light alarm with belt stoped;(when has auto-reject system, belt continue and rejecting the goods )
ApplicationNon-package, plastic package, paper bag or box (non-metallic) product
Work EnvironmentTemperature -10℃-40℃, relative humility 30-90%